Recent Project(s)

I’ve paid far too little attention to this site and sharing things I’m working on; as much as I tell myself there’s no need to share it.  Anyways, I’ve been doing more work on the d10 System lately, largely the science-fiction setting for it called The Visceroth Cluster.

Having some people who will be helping test the system and play characters has given me more reason and inspiration to complete more content for the setting.  It’s a lot of fun for me because even though I’m the one making stuff up, when things click it feels a lot more like discovery than creation.  Over the years I’ve been shaping the skeleton of the setting, and coming back to work on it now there’s a lot to build off of, and/or dive further into.

While a lot of the work has been for its own sake(and thus mine, as it’s my creation), having someone to create a story for often seems to give me the most inspiration or perhaps creative drive.  I think it’s not only because it offers me a reason to create a story, but also because my context for that person and conversations with them about their character or the game gives me new ideas to work with.  There’s a lot to make, so until there was someone interested in playing a “Hacker” character, it was a system that had remained little more than a Skill name.

That’s about it I think for now, just felt it was time to post again, and I kinda wanted to share some of my recent concept drafts.

Trot On Everypony, Alturiigo

Aspir_pistolMouse_NoticeSkillScan_20171128 (2)Scan_20171129

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