RPG Thoughts: “Aggro”

I was just going over the various skills in the d10 Storytelling System and writing better descriptions, when I came to the social skill Intimidate.  Intimidate was a skill accessible to the Fighter class in Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, and while it made sense to me, I hadn’t ever thought about using it to attempt to draw my opponents attention.  The idea was introduced to me some time back, after I had shared ideas about an Aggro mechanic for a pen-and-paper rpg system.  Among the other appropriately negative feedback, one person had suggested simply using an Intimidate check – and I dig it.  I had wanted to consider the mechanic of “aggro” in my d10 system because I’ve really enjoyed playing tank characters in mmorpg’s and moba’s(multiplayer online battle arena).  If you’re not super familiar, the tank class/character concept involves being the character that takes the beating for the group, and just being really good at that.

There have been a lot of good variations on this concept in rpgs and even other class-based games, but one of my favorites was playing a Marauder in Final Fantasy XIV.  The Marauder class has a small variety of taunts, some cc’s(crowd-control), sustain, and just- you run in and just wreck stuff, brawl your butt off until everything is dead while being such a force that all of the enemies can’t fight anyone else.  Fun stuff, and playing an adorable Lalafell made the experience just that much more amazing.

That’s really why I wanted to talk about it, I mean yeah I did also want to share about the Intimidate skill as a possible means to taunt in D&D and similar games, but mostly I just had sooo much fun playing that character, it was challenging enough to tank well, but felt so powerful to play when you did well.

That’s all I guess, good luck and have fun out there!


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