Thoughts on Personal Style in Creative Works

So first off this isn’t about analyzing personal styles, but rather my desire to share my thoughts on this idea as it relates to myself.  To make it hopefully more clear, what I’m trying to talk about is how you can often tell who made something when you see or hear it, not always even just a look or sound but even mood and themes as well.  As I started to spend more time drawing, I began to wonder about the directions I could/should/would go with style in my works.

Deciding on a style elements has a large significance in creating something, but I’ve also been curious to find out what my drawings end up like.  I don’t know how much I want to try to emulate something or “decide” on my style, and I also think there’s something fascinating about learning about yourself through letting an experience be had and not fully directed.  In that spirit, I’ve played around with a different ways to draw things and largely learned and developed with little guidance or direction.  This has its disadvantages, especially in a general lack of direction, but I like to think of it as laying groundwork for my future self to work from.

So I wanted to share some of the drawings I’ve done over the years, in part for myself to look at the different looks and ways that I’ve progressed and changed over the years, and here we go –

Thanks for stopping by!

Trot On Everypony,

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