Recent Project(s)

I’ve paid far too little attention to this site and sharing things I’m working on; as much as I tell myself there’s no need to share it.  Anyways, I’ve been doing more work on the d10 System lately, largely the science-fiction setting for it called The Visceroth Cluster. Having some people who will be helping … More Recent Project(s)

Latest Project

Over the last few days I’ve been working on a larger picture for someone, and I’ve finally finished it.  My scanner is too small to fit it, so unfortunately this picture will have to do.

A Little Winter Fun

I think the aspects of this that I don’t like are largely based on how I chose to approach the picture as a whole(background/placement/etc), but I still enjoy the characters and the original idea- the two of them enjoying each other’s company in the winter. Trot On Everypony, Alturiigo